Free Holiday With The Power of Hypnosis 

Hi! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be helping people travel to their favourite destinations from the comfort of their own armchairs! It might seem silly to focus on holidays at a time like this, but they undoubtedly play a huge part in our mental health and wellbeing. So sit back, relax, and let me take you to your perfect getaway.

 For the next 5 weeks you can experience a different experience each week.
 From the excitement of choosing a destination and accommodation, researching everything from sights to restaurants, to the actual week or fortnight itself followed by the recollection of treasured memories, holidays really do matter. It’s about ‘life experiences’, relaxation, and most importantly, escapism from everyday life. 

The coping process of escapism is common to many people in difficult times, and by wanting to still book a holiday, we are actively engaging in escapism behaviour. Escape is key in our mental self-care, and it can be good to seek a happy escape when things seem impossible – that feeling of ‘I just need to get away’. 

I’ve now created free downloads to enable people to spirit their minds away to an amazing holiday destination and in doing so, take back a little of the relaxation and release they would have enjoyed had they actually been away. Something as simple as taking a ‘virtual holiday’ can offer a brief moment of escapism. 
This allows you an outlet for the stress.
 My free downloads are a form of self-hypnosis, and simply require you to sit down in a quiet and comfortable spot, close your eyes, listen to my words, visualise the holiday destination, and relax. 
I’ve chosen different types of holiday for the recordings – beach resort, mountains, safari, road trip, and Disney which specialises in organising tailor-made trips for people around the world. 

Shirley McLean 

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