Hi there I am Shirley

and here is my story…

I motivate individuals to transform their lives by using the tools I have learned becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist & sharing wisdom for self development.

Hi my name is Shirley Mclean, I’m an Advanced Clinical hypnotherapist, an NLP
Practitioner , Advanced Tapping Practitioner and Coach who has helped numerous
numbers of people to make significant changes over the years.

I generally work online using Zoom or Local to where I live in Prestwich at two of my clinics, where I have
therapy rooms. My Mission is to inspire and encourage people to live happier, healthier lives.
I just help people make important changes in their lives, so I don’t do anything magical or mystical, I’m just trained in a skill sets that can help people do that. 

My background prior to hypnotherapy was working for the NHS for 30 years, 12 of these years managing a Pharmacy and during this time this has enabled me to gain vast knowledge of health conditions, symptoms, signs and understanding within many areas of health and wellbeing and people, not to mention working with a variety of practitioners.

I was first interested in hypnosis and the power of the mind years ago...

I was first interested in hypnosis and the power of the mind years ago, where I was searching for alternative ways rather than ‘pills’ to help others to wellness and achieve the life they deserve. Although I do appreciate there is a place for all types of medicines and alternative therapies, depending on the individual. After learning more about hypnotherapy and experiencing the results, which can be extraordinary, I was hooked! and made the decision to help others focusing on this approach.

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